What is Supeek?

Supeek, pronounced like the English word “to speak,” is a minority-owned, woman-owned technology startup in the language education space.

Our mission is to bring Peace through Language to communities around the world. Supeek stands for “speaking” a new language.

Currently Supeek offers the following two technologies to help language learners and teachers:

1. The Supeek Toolbar is a kind of super-charged google translate built into your browser. It is an online dictionary that anyone can use to read websites in different languages. It remembers your look-up history, allows you to play games with the words you looked up, and rewards you with Supeek Points for each word looked up, reviewed or played with.

2. The Supeek Marketplace is a ne-commerce marketplace that allows users to compare more than 1,000 language courses as well as a convenient check-out on the site.

The Supeek Toolbar allows the users to earn Supeek Points – SPs which can be redeemed for cash value on the Supeek Markeplace: so the more you learn, the more you earn. We reward learning!





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